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JR JR Releases New Album “JR JR”

JR JR are an indie-pop band from Detroit, MI, made up of Daniel Zott and Joshua Epstein. They have just released their third studio album entitled JR JR. This new album follows an alt/indie-pop sound that they are wonderful at creating.

The first song on the eleven-track album is As Time Goes. It has an overall happy feel to it with catchy, bouncing beats every now and then throughout the song. Gone is one of many people’s favorites and definitely one of the most played songs on the album. It even had a feature on the TV show I Am Cait. The vocals remind me of a band called Little Comets, having that happy, indie tone to it. Moving on to the sixth track is entitled Philip the Engineer and is one of my favorite songs off of the album. It has a Vampire Weekend meets slow-jam feel to it which I absolutely love. The lyrics are equally as touching as the background music. The eighth song is called James Dean. A lyric that stands out to me in the song is “all I wanna be is cool like James Dean” meaning James Dean is the coolest of people, which many agree with. What I’m noticing throughout the album is that is generally has a happy feel to it, I love it. Sometimes you just need music with that feel to improve your mood and it has definitely done that for me. In My Mind (Summertime) is the ninth song off of the album with the same positive sound the album has. It reminds me of summertime driving through town with the windows rolled down and the wind blowing your hair. The twelfth and final song is called Listening to Outkast, June 23, 2014. I have to say, the title is striking and clever. Who doesn’t love Outkast? I really enjoyed listening to this album, you can listen to it here on Soundcloud for free. For a quick listen, check out their newest music video for Gone below and give them a like on Facebook.

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