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Julian Casablancas and Savages’ Jehnny Beth Team Up for Cover of “Boy/Girl”

Julian Casablancas and Savages Jehnny Beth have united for a cover of  Danish punk band, Sort Sol’s 1983 song featuring Lydia Lunch. Jules and Jehnny’s working together is like chocolate and peanut butter (or whatever amazing duos you love). They completely compliment each other but are still just as amazing separately. The collaboration stems from the pair’s mutual admiration after meeting while on tour in South America and began to take shape when Johnny Hostile (Savages producer) suggested the song to Jehnny. Both recorded the bulk of the song in Paris, before it was handed to Julian to perfect.
In a press release, Casablancas notes: “I had never heard the song before and still have no idea what the hell the words are talking about. It sounds like a Danish dude trying sound like he’s saying English sounding words”.

The grainy nostalgia-like video features Casablancas and Beth taking turns in solo performances, occasionally appearing next to each other on retro TV sets while standing in front of rotating backdrops that include waterfalls, pyramids, bridges, zebras, and even the Statue of Liberty. The music video was directed by long time visual collaborator and Cult Records’ creative director, Warren Fu (who co-directed the official video for the Voidz epic song, Human Sadness). The short film pays homage to the original version, released in the 80s, featuring sparse production with solo vignette performances. Shots of Jehnny Beth were filmed in London by Giorgio Testi.

The duo will release a limited edition seven-inch single of Boy-Girl (which is backed by a remix from Savages producer Johnny Hostile) via Casablancas’ Cult Records and Savages’ Pop Noire Records on December 18th. Pre-orders are available now, with a digital version available through the Cult Records site.


The cover, which is officially out December 18th, will be released as a 7-inch via Julian’s Cult Records and Jehnny’s Pop Noire.
Julian Casablancas’ last record was with the Voidz for 2014’s Tyranny (which we are still obsessed with). Meanwhile Jehnny Beth’s Savages, are slated to drop their new album Adore Life on January 22nd via Matador Records.

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