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Concert Review: Julian Casablancas + the Voidz at Emo’s in Austin, Tx

“What is up. Thank you so much for coming out. I appreciate it really, thank you. Austin, Texas…. I love this town”  stated Julian Casablancas right before Business Dog.

The energy was palpable before the show even started. It was undeniable throughout the day as more and more fans showed up, their energy was coursing through their veins, showing their devotion as most came at an early time and then later came in
There was also plenty of waiting since it was a typical queue, we all sat outside in the Texas heat/sun with hope of securing a coveted spot of barricade to be in the presence of the Voidz.
We grew restless throughout the day but the focus was never lost as to why we were there. We congregated over the Voidz which was mostly drove our conversation as well as Julian Casablancas’ musings, and the general topic of concerts/shows but as the time inched closer to 7pm the rush of anxiety started.

The crowd was compact but the vitality was hefty, almost as if it was dripping through the walls.
The room was full of intensity as the Voidz came out to a more than welcoming room at Emo’s. Opening with Dare I Care, the cheering and screaming echoed through and took Emo’s by storm… Until Julian and his nonchalant swagger took the mic on stage, the cheering and screams grew faint almost silent even. His quiet confidence took control of the room, there was no denying that.

The stage was aesthetically dark, almost maniacal, which is more than fitting for the Voidz subversive album Tyranny. The lighting was apocalyptic even epileptic at times with the strobe lights, causing Julian to be a mere silhouette but that just drove the crowd into hysteria.

The entire show was an incredibly high but a pivotal point was definitely during Human Sadness, every single component was depicted. Amir Yaghmai’s guitar solo was stellar, my eyes as well as, the crowds eyes were glued on him and Alex Carapetis also captured the crowds attention as his energy coursed through and his drum playing was pulsating through the room, not skipping a beat.
During Where No Eagles Fly Jeff Kite was like a magnet, spinning around before his part and dancing as he played feverishly away on the keyboard. Jacob “Jake” Bercovici was also difficult to resist during WNEF, his quiet but booming bass was undeniable.
Before Crunch Punch, Julian told the crowd about his two mics (“to sound better and it’s all a sound thing”) after Crunch Punch, Jeramy “Beardo” Gritter leapt offstage and onto the crowd for an epically memorable solo. Afterwards, Beardo then climbed back on stage but not before Julian grabbed the guitar playing a little teaser that left a lasting impression on the crowd.
Julian Casablancas was engaging, his vocals soared although it wasn’t always clear what he was saying it didn’t matter because he connected with the audience and the crowds love for him made up for it as everyone was in synergy… Everyone was singing, dancing, or head banging along.

The deafening part of the night was definitely during the encore, when Julian spelled out the word IZE causing a chaotic uproar. Every person took out their phones to record what Julian said was a “cover song from the good old days.” Every audience member knew every single word and sang it passionately along and that’s when Emo’s became trampoline mania.
The most magical and captivating moment of all was I’ll Try Anything Once. Jeff Kite and Julian Casablancas came out for the breathtaking song that had every single person on the verge of tears and singing along intensely. The crowd was so into the song almost out singing Julian, who then asked the crowd “if I do one more verse will you do it?” causing cheering and going right back into the chorus. The audience didn’t let up and Julian was feeding off of our energy, saying “ok, one more time” playing one more extending chorus to the delight of every person.

Julian dubbed Austin as “one of the most fun shows” of this tour and being at the helm of the madness, it was evident that the Voidz are our new vigilante’s of sound and they’re not going anywhere.

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