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Album Review: Julian Casablancas + the Voidz- Tyranny

Tyranny is not a second solo project for Julian Casablancas but rather a debut for his new band.
Enter the Voidz.
Tyranny has this eccentricity to it yet still manages to have a whimsical side that is a marked characteristic for any Casablancas album… It’s a familiarity that any Julian Casablancas fan will recognize but still maintains to have a divergent quality of being aggressively complex.

Some fans may be hesitant mostly because they have such a deep-rooted love for the Strokes, which is understandable but the Voidz are a band all on its own they’re in no way trying to recreate what the Strokes are/have, other fans seem to gravitate towards this more dynamic sound. Either way, it has people talking.

Human Sadness was the very first taste of what the Voidz had to offer, it ignited the internet by its quiet release of the poignant song. Human Sadness has a hauntingly beautiful melody to it while continuing this gritty complexity, which is a clear sign of the Voidz.

Where No Eagles Fly was the second song to be deployed to the public which also included a proper music video. Where No Eagles Fly sounds like an underground song from the late 70s/80s, it has a punk edge to it with the guitar and bass combination then goes into a more hardcore grizzly howling at times mixed with harmonious sounds of the keyboard.

Take Me in Your Army is the opening track for the album, its grim with hearty beats and haunting noises mixed with the melody of Julian’s vocals, which ascend as if to shatter you, his passionate falsetto reverberates and just resonates with you.

Crunch Punch is a rugged jam. The guitar riff draws you in immediately while the bass and drumming captures your subliminal attention causing you to shake your head, jamming out to the song.
There’s a vocal confidence in the song, Julian’s vocals alive with an intense yearning throughout the song with lyrics like “I can’t live on the phone forever, we live too far away from everything.”

M.utually A.ssured D.estruction is gnarly. It’s a relentless head banging tune that will have you convulse in movement. There’s an underground hardcore feel to it that is as eclectic as the Voidz themselves.

Father Electricity sounds like a it’d be the perfect soundtrack to a nintendo game back in the day, good luck trying to be still while this song plays.
It just further proves that the Voidz continue to make it interesting, rarely slowing down and the layering of sounds pulls you in, fermenting the attraction even more.

Johan Von Bronx is a steady jam of hooks and belting vocals, the beat is hypnotic and leaves you in a trance. I immediately had to hit re-play.

Business Dog further proves that the Voidz are daredevils of sound. It torpedos into a bevy of guitar, bass, and drum heavy sounds that is sure to make you want to see someone in the pit.

Look out for the Voidz when they go on tour in October.

Xerox is a slow simmering mid-tempo song for the politically minded. The beginning has an r & b beat to it but with the almost growl-like sound in the intro and layered sounds and lyrics like “tomorrow is laughing, money breeds tyranny,” you are reminded that this it’s the Voidz.

Dare I Care is an oddball groove of a song that still methodically fits. It’s quirky but befitting with plenty of guitar shredding and bass slapping in the dance worthy jam.

Nintendo Blood takes you on a strange but enjoyable journey. You’re unsure where it’s taking you and what detours are next but it’s very much a memorable one.

A surprising closer but we’re talking about the Voidz… They keep you guessing and Off to War… does just that. It’s an eerie hymn-like song that is a tapestry of frequencies.

On first listen, you think that Julian and the Voidz are out of their minds with the bizarre yet beautiful chaos that is Tyranny but judge for yourselves.. Listen to Tyranny below! If you can’t decide if they’re geniuses or lunatics, well don’t they sort of go hand in hand?

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