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New Release: Julian Casablancas + Voidz “Human Sadness”

When the GATRS met Julian Casablancas at SXSW back in March he told us about his new album and his plans for the Voidz, before the album trailer was released, so we’ve been patiently waiting for months.

Last Friday, the Voidz gave us a major tease and released a track listing that wasn’t exactly.. Right. Although I must say props to the Voidz for some impressive title names that many people took seriously. Many tumblr URLs were renamed because of this facebook post.

Thank you Julian for these teasers, they are killing me by the way.
Finally, here’s the revised track listing:

01. “Take Me In Your Army”
02. “Crunch Punch”
03. “M.utually A.ssured D.estruction”
04. “Human Sadness”
05. “Where No Eagles Fly”
06. “Father Electricity”
07. “Johan Von Bronx”
08. “Business Dog”
09. “Xerox”
10. “Dare I Care”
11. “Nintendo Blood”
12. “Off To War…”

In technical terms, Tyranny is actually the second record with Julian Casablancas’ name.
His solo album Phrazes For The Young was released in 2009 but he’s been doing shows with his new project the Voidz for months. Now, FINALLY, there’s an official single.
Human Sadness was literally just released and the internet was ignited with Voidz buzz.
My phone was blowing up with text messages and twitter with notifications.. Julian + the Voidz went rogue and released a single.
Human Sadness has a hauntingly beautiful start. It has this eclectic mix of sounds and gritty noises that is a clear raw side of the Voidz.
The song also features Julians noted grizzly howling/growling that he’s been noted to do but the Voidz is unlike anything Julian has done, yet you can still tell his involvement in it, especially if you’re a fan of his solo work.

Julian also sent an email (if you’re signed up to his site) with the lyrics for Human Sadness, which has this dark romantic charm to it. Through my analyzation, it seems to have a manic depression underlying side. Depression is not just a one emotion state of mind, it has many emotions just like in the song which is an assortment of feelings. Like our GATRS reader Carlos said, it’s a soundtrack to our world of chaos.
There seems to be a slight silver lining sense of hoping, wishing, or longing as well.

Here’s part of the email and the introduction of some really cool lighter USB sleeves that has the album, Tyranny on it.
Lighters not included because it was illegal as noted by Jules.*

You can now purchase Human Sadness on itunes now or you can pre-order from Cult for only $3.87!

Here is the official audio.

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