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Julian Casablancas Wants the Strokes 6th Album on Cult Records

Remember when Comedown Machine was released in 2013 and the world awaited breathlessly for a tour that sadly never came to reality? Well now that we somewhat know of the drama with their previous RCA record label, we know that they have broken ties and while most have believed the circulating rumors or have been skeptical as far as the Strokes future.. Rest assured that the Strokes have not broken up and are hoping to record next year.

As reported by Huck magazine, frontman Julian Casablancas is hoping to release any new Strokes records on his label, Cult Records.
And as label boss, he also had some not-so-nice things to say about iTunes, claiming that iTunes “buries” certain releases:“It’s the hope to have an outlet. It’s about trying to make every album, every song, the level of quality people can trust in. And to be a source for taste makers. Like, every era has their TV, or iTunes. iTunes is such a negative force on music. So we’re just trying to counter that… People just go to iTunes to see what the new records are. And the best records are not there — they’re buried. So people think, ’Oh it doesn’t exist.’ But they just don’t know about it.”

The Strokes caused internet pandemonium as they announced only one act (so far) for next year, the lucky venue is Primavera Sound Festival in Barcelona May 28-30th.

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