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The Kooks Toronto Setlist Giveaway


Just as we promised, we are giving away a set list from The Kooks Toronto show. Not only is it the actual set list that was taped to the floor of the stage, the guys were sweet enough to sign it for us so we could give it away!


Hugh said we couldn’t just give it away, we had to make you work for it. We brainstormed and came up with the idea of a trivia contest. All questions can be found somewhere on the internet, if you look for them hard enough.

Rules are easy:

Answer the questions in the comments section of the blog or Facebook. We will sort thru them, and pull the person who answers all correctly. If more than one person gets the questions correct, we will run the names thru to pick the winner. Easy right???

The contest starts NOW and you have until August 27th to get your answers in. We will announce the winner on August 29th on all social networks. The winner must contact us with mailing information within 48 hours. Every one, no matter where you are in the world can enter!

 Are you ready? Have you been brushing up on your Kooks trivia?

On to the questions…Good luck Guys!!

1.  Sofa Song, the second single off the album Inside In Inside Out was released October 17, 2005, what was the B side?

2. What was the first song The Kooks played together as a band?

3. The song Shine On was used in two commercial ads…name one of them..

4. Where did The Kooks make their US performance debut on March of 2006?

5. What was the name of the David Bowie song the Kooks took their name from?

6. The Kooks earned a Brit Award for which song?

7. The Kooks second album was recorded in and named after Konk Studios. Who owns the studio?

8. Before joining the Kooks, what band was Peter Denton a member of?

***GATRS would like to thank Luke, Hugh, Pete, and Alexis for taking their time to provide us with the signed set list and also for a week of damn good music.

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