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Listen to Jesse Saint John’s Debut Single “Move”

Photo credit: Tiggy Ara.

L.A. based songwriter Jesse Saint John is no stranger to the music world. The roster of artists he’s worked with should be more than enough to seize anyone’s interest but if you still need some convincing on his growing superstardom allow us to name drop… Saint John has written for Britney Spears, Charli XCX, SIA, Brooke Candy, Camila Cabello and more. Now emerging from his chrysalis, Saint John has debuted a banger of a single Move.

Image courtesy of Jesse Saint John’s Facebook.

The track grabs the spotlight and keeps it with its electric high-energy paired with lyrics like “jerking me around but too much jerking, can’t be too good for your health.” It gives me the same vibe of Robyn’s Dancing On My Own, that anthemic emphatic track that is absolutely hypnotic. Perfect for the dancefloor. What I love more is that Move comes from an artist that is not afraid to represent and to be their authentic self as a visible queer musician which now more than ever is needed. “I felt free to explore. Getting into this whole artist thing has just been the funnest process – discovering who I am and my own sound and telling a story about me” expresses Saint James. Listen to Move below.

Speaking to FADER, Saint John had this to say:

I grew up loving bloghouse music so moving into my artist-project I wanted to be sure to elicit a lot of that energy,” he said. “Coming from the perspective of a pop-writer I think “MOVE” is the perfect balance of that alt-dance world with pop sensibility and the best introduction for my sound as an artist.”

We can’t wait what else Jesse Saint John has in store, we’ll keep our eyes (and ears) open.

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