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Listen to Kim Gordon New Release “Murdered Out” (ft. Stella Mozgawa of Warpaint on Drums)

Murdered Out is Sonic Youth’s Kim Gordon’s first track released under her own name, which was inspired by Gordon’s move back west to her native Los Angeles. Gordon noticed a commonness of black-on-black matte spray used on cars, windows, and wheels throughout the city.

I was interested in how [black matte spray] is a subliminal way of X-ing yourself out of the culture. It’s intentionally restrictive; it reclaims something that’s shiny, fetishistic, what was once a driving force of American production and part of L.A. culture – the car. [Black matte spray] is away saying that there’s nothing in mainstream culture for you

The result is an industrial infused track with a gothic resonance, the constant hissing with lyrics like black matte spray paired over grinding guitars, scraping of reverberating bass, and the drum loop is brought to us by Warpaint’s Stella Mozgawa, it’s sexy and sordid.

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