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Get to Know: Drowners

I am off to see Foals in less than a week, a bit excited about it, but as most people who know me can tell you, I am an Opener Band kinda girl (On most occasions. There have been some where I stood in the crowd and thought..WHY???) Many times I go to a show only for the opening band, such as when I went to see The Kooks, who opened for Foster The People or when I saw Arctic Monkeys when they opened for Black Keys. While I am super excited to see the Foals, unlike I was at having to see Foster The People ( I left after the first song ) I am actually just as excited to see the opening band, The Drowners.

I am unsure how The Drowners will spend their time on stage. Right now they have only released Between Us Girls, a 4 or 5 song EP, but all the songs are fab with a fun poppy post punk vibe about them ( Don’t even get me started on their videos where they hang out with some uber cool friends..Alexa Chung…and make you kinda wanna hang out with them..). I am hoping they will give us a small taste of their full length debut album, which is expected out sometime later this year.

The Drowners are Matt Hitt, Jack Ridley, Erik Synder and Lakis Pavloa. Matt has said they all met in a pub ( where are these people in the pubs I go to?) and took their name from the Suede’s 1992 debut single of the same name. Now if you are thinking ” Hey I think I recognize that guy”  You probably are correct. Matt Hitt , is a former model who has had tons of work around the world  and can also be seen briefly in the Vaccines Post Break Up Sex Video. Luckily unlike others who have tried, Hitt seems to have made the transition between model and musician easily.

Between Us Girls EP was released on Birthday Records in the U.K. but have no fear, you can download it on iTunes .

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