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Love Letter to All Concert Goers

The Strokes crowd at Galaxy Life in Austin, Texas at SXSW 2016.

Through all of the turbulence that comes in life, one thing that will not change is that music is unifying. To all of those hurting and affected, music will continue to be there for you. So to all those who are currently feeling discouraged, anxious, distrusting, or simply scared about attending concerts in the future… Do not recoil in fear. Do not let terrorists win. Instead, continue to live your life and continue to go to concerts. After all, concerts are a still a way to escape the monotony and chaos of everyday life. It’s a getaway for people and will continue to be. We will continue to attend and hope you all do as well.
So to every concert goer no matter the age, this Love Letter is for you.

The atmosphere of a concert is tangible and electric. The stage has this magnetic energy that pulls you forward and let’s not forget the voltaic energy that is oscillating through the entire crowd. It’s the musical equivalence of a tidal wave. It’s an absolute adrenaline rush whether you’re an avid concert goer or attend a sporadic concert, you know exactly what I’m talking about.


Music is powerful, so let’s get real and prove it. Various studies have shown that music has an effect on the mind. If you need facts check reports here, here, here, and straight from the American Music Therapy Association here.
In fact, it’s been proven that music fans who regularly attend concerts report feeling happier about their lives overall. According to a new study out of Australia at Victoria’s Deakin University, 1,000 Australians were surveyed via telephone and the consensus was that those who attended any sort of communal musical experience reported higher levels of satisfaction with their lives. “The findings revealed that engaging with music by dancing or attending musical events was associated with higher Subjective wellbeing than for those who did not engage with music in these forms.

Even simply listening to moving music causes the brain to release dopamine, a feel-good chemical. Of course, I don’t need science to convince me (I’m already a devotee) it does validate how I feel about music and attending concerts. However, for those who have never attended a concert or festival I have to say it’s an experience, and in some cases, even life changing (I can attest to that).
Concerts are also a great equalizer. They have a way of bringing an amplitude of people (or even an intimate congregation) from all walks of life that come together to partake in a what is the closest thing to real life magic… Seeing your favorite artists up close and in the same vicinity that you’re in, now that is an incredible rush for any music fan.
Concerts are a perfect way to connect with people we would probably never meet in everyday life. Sometimes you eventually make friends with people you “meet” online because of an artist you’re obsessed with and eventually meet up with those newfound friends at a concert because you have already connected and bonded over music. I’ve met so many incredible and amazing people from all over the world online or in the queue of a concert just because of music. My social anxiety is non-existent at concerts and I have even managed to strike up conversations with random people in concert queues and we begin to discuss and dissect our favorite songs or lyrics by our favorite artist… It’s one of the best feelings aside from the concert itself.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – AUGUST 10: A music fan crowd surfs at the Lands End Stage during day 2 of the 2013 Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival at Golden Gate Park on August 10, 2013 in San Francisco, California. (Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic via Huffington Post)

There’s something about basking in the hot lights of the stage or breathing in the thick, dank air of the smoke machine that has me coming back for more. It’s intoxicating.
Going to concerts is a great way to feel free and alive without the commotion and turmoil in our personal lives. To experience a truly awesome concert is one of the most amazing feelings/moments that will live on for the rest of your life.

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