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We Play it on Repeat: MGMT

Everyone loved Oracular Spectacular, MGMT’s first album with its catchy synth- pop songs such as Time to Pretend and Kids. With the release of their second album Congratulations in 2010, they were met with criticism and sent many of their fans packing. Congratulations lead MGMT away from the pop happy songs that made them so popular, giving us instead, a darker more experimental sound.

Now two and a half years later on September 17th, they will release their self titled third album, leaving fans anxiously awaiting to see what they have in store for us. Andrew VanWyngarden is clearly bonkers or very good at protraying himself to be so. When MGMT released the first single off the album, Alien Days in time for Record Store Day this past April, on cassette of all things, he said the song was about “A parasitic alien in your head controlling things.” God knows, if you have read any interviews that he’s given, you know this isn’t the strangest thing he has ever said. I may be one of the few but I happen to think being mad works in VanWyngarden’s favor. It makes him more creative and an amazing artist. Look back at all the artists in any genre that have been a bit off and you will see genius. I look forward to the spaced out adventure of the new album and intend to listen with an open mind.

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