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MUSE Teases New Single – Thought Contagion

Everyone’s favorite British prog-rock trio teased what appears to be a new single today – Thought Contagion.  In keeping with their previous declaration that they intend to stay out of the full-length record business for a while, this is the second song out of three recorded at London’s Air Studio, with the first single being Dig Down which was released last year.  MUSE is once again collaborating with Rich Costey, who also produced Absolution and Black Holes And Revelations.    If the “2/15” date on the car in the graphic for the song is any indication, it appears that Thought Contagion will drop on February 15th.  Aside from releasing the new single, MUSE is also playing numerous festival dates this summer in both the UK and United States.

Watch Dig Down below.

For tour information, visit HERE.