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New Music Monday: Pave’s “Take Me While I’m Here”

Credits to: Bread and Shutter Photography

A bit of new music for your Monday would be Pave’s Take Me While I’m Here. The unsigned, London-formed band are creating brilliant rock n’ roll and addictive tracks that are sure to be a highlight of 2016. Paves are Luke Shields (Lead Vocals/Guitar), Mike Whitaker (Lead Guitar), Perry Read (Bass and BVs), and Tom Triggs (Drums).

Their latest song, Take Me While I’m Here, is stunning and definitely one of my favorites so far this year. It has everything you could ever look for: raging riffs and solos from the guitars, catchy drums, and thrilling vocals. It also features several tempo changes and somewhat raw, gravelly notes. This is definitely a track I urge you to listen to; it’ll probably be one of your new favorites.

Paves are going to be one of the best of 2016 and will definitely make their presence known. You can follow up with them through Facebook and Twitter. They also have a  few other songs out on their Sound Cloud: Dancing ’til the End of Time and Marianne which you can listen to here. Make sure to give Take Me While I’m Here a listen down below.