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New Video Release: Kanye West Collab with Paul McCartney, “Only One”

Kanye West debuted both of his previous videos for Bound 2 and Love Lockdown on the Ellen show, so it made sense to debut his newest single Only One featuring Paul McCartney. Only One is a bittersweet lullaby sung to his daughter North “Nori” West from the perspective of his late mother Donda West.

He’s on today’s episode of the Ellen show and he used the appearance to preview his new video of Kanye and “Nori” in what looks like a rainy field in maybe Scotland. It’s not a typical Kanye video, or rather home movie, which was directed by Spike Jonze who also directed Flashing’s a beautifully written song with now a matching video. It will tug at your heart-strings.
Only One serves as the first single from Kanye’s as-yet-unannounced seventh solo album.

(The Rihanna and McCartney collaboration FourFiveSeconds will also appear on the album.)
Speaking to Ellen, Kanye said he’s still working on the album, which currently does not have a title.
We’re still trying to find the vibe… There’s this transition from what I felt when I did Yeezus to what I feel now and we’re just creating, so we haven’t found it yet. The definition of crazy is trying to do the same thing and expecting different results – so I tried something different over the past couple years and I actually got some good results from it too.”
I’ve learned how to shut up more,” he said, laughing along with the audience. “I think I’m a better human being because of her [wife Kim Kardashian] and because of my daughter and I always have someone to think about going home to. Something for me to not only to be brave for what I want to do for humanity but also to be more protective of myself for my family, because there’s things I’ve done in the past that were considered negative but I was really jumping in front of the tank for other people, or for culture, in a way. So now, I always have to have that in my mind that I have a family that I have to protect, too.

Watch the video preview below.

Watch the full video here.

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