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New Video Release: Sleater-Kinney “A New Wave”

Bob’s Burgers is my not so secret guilty pleasure show, I watch it as often as I can and my love for it is shameless so when word got out that some of my favorite Bob’s Burgers characters made an appearance in Sleater-Kinney’s new video for A New Wave, I just had to watch as soon as possible.
The video is basically a musical mini episode of Bob’s Burgers and A New Wave is just about the catchiest song and one of my many favorites from the beast of an album, No Cities To Love.
It’s now the first from the album to get a proper music video with the band.
In the video, we see the animated version of Sleater-Kinney magically appearing in Tina Belcher’s bedroom as she puts a cd in her boombox causing a kaleidoscopic dance party to ensue causing Louise and Gene to also join in on the fun.
Watch the video below.

No Cities to Love is available now via Sub Pop and you can watch Bob’s Burgers every Sunday on Fox.

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