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New Video Release: Watch Yungblud’s “King Charles”

Image courtesy of artist, photo by Sam Earp.

Yorkshire-born Dominic Harrison makes his debut as Yungblud and it’s a snarling and assertive debut with the premiere track King Charles. Like a good friend should, Teri sent me a text saying “go listen to the Yungblud email that was sent, very political and up your alley.” She knows me well.
King Charles perfectly captures the misrepresentation of youth, often getting either overlooked or being pandered to by previous generations that think we can’t see their facade. This was all evident with the elections that took place all around the world. Upon pressing play and hearing the intro Stop being a twatty. Brap. Happy, be fucking happy I was immediately hooked. Then the dynamic beat hits, the track is infectious. I hate comparing bands to others but to get an idea as far as sound I’d say Yungblud is a mix of post-punk, Jamie T, early Arctic Monkeys, paired with a bit of Bowie’s essence of a mesmerizing dance song. Mix all of this over compelling lyrics, just look at the first verse…

I admit I’ve never been broke but I have been broken.
Shout inside, she’ll switch you for a token of kindness
This one’s for you King Charles, you mess with the people
Took the taxes to fund the evil, sound familiar?
Don’t mind us, divide us, but when we need guidance, you give us the silence
It’s spineless and blindless, we will buy back, not sit here smiling
While they used to attack the student loans and the first time homes, it’s time to know
They act the moment, they neglecting the young, it’s really scary being under 21

Sound eerily familiar doesn’t it, obviously, in these broken and uncertain political times, it resonates. Harrison explains, “at the minute I feel like young people are not being listened to, so music is how I can express my opinions and create change. If we fight, we win.” Cleverly crafted lyrics paired with an undeniable punk charm and with a video to match. If Harrison is this raucous and lively, we cannot wait to see him live and what else Yungblud has in store and we hope to see more of this musical resistance. Watch the video below.

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