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New Video: The Kooks “Be Who You Are”

It is always so nice when you wake up in the morning and check social media and see that your favorite band have released a new video.

The Kooks were in Morocco a few weeks ago, filming the video for their newest release, Be Who You Are.

The video is a mix of new, fun and playful footage of the band, and older concert clips, which we think is fitting. After all, the big tour they have coming up is a anniversary tour for the release of their first album Inside In/Inside Out, and the forthcoming album is a Greatest Hit’s album. ( Cant wait for this one!)

As far as the song, Be Who You Are goes, it is nice to hear them going back to their roots after the brilliant  change they showcased in their last album Listen, which is perhaps one of my favorite Kooks album, but lets face it ,I fell in love at the seaside long ago!

Watch below….


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