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On The Radar: Escapists

Tis the season for new beginnings. Summer is over and unfortunately so are the times of prolonged sunshine and no worries except which concert you need to buy tickets for. The most devastating part about summer being over is that you now probably have responsibilities… That’s right, no more time to go on Youtube looking up old concert videos of Arctic Monkeys to laugh at fetus Alex Turner (it’s ok, we do it too).
Alas, the GATRS are here to save the day. We’ll be keeping you up to date on bands that are on our radar, so when they make their sudden rise to fame you can totally brag to your friends about how you knew them first.

Which brings us to introducing a band out of Bristol, UK: Escapists.



The British Invasion is happening, and we’re certainly not going to stop it! If you have yet to hear about this four man band, that time is coming to an end soon. Escapists, made up of Simon Glancy, Oli Court, Max Perryment and Andy Walsh, first formed while in school at University of Bristol. They have a guitar led indie sound which is accentuated beautifully by Glancy’s haunting vocals.

Now in London, Escapists performed on the BBC “Introducing” stage at Reading Festival in 2012 and are playing select shows around the UK currently; they are certainly an act you don’t want to pass up the chance to see.

In case you already have passed up that chance to see this band, here’s a video of their setlist from Reading Festival:

Their EP Burial was released in May 2012 and was a huge success. The response to Burial lead to the release of their debut album Only Bodies earlier this year.

We have high hopes for this band, maybe because they’re British, but mostly because their songs are so much more than catchy guitar riffs and complimenting drums. Their lyrics have so much passion behind them it’s mind blowing. Each time you listen to a song, a new line that previously meant nothing stands out and your brain almost explodes because of how ingenious the lyrics are.

We’re anxiously awaiting the chance to see Escapists live, but in the meantime buying all of their merch and songs to raise awareness of this incredible band will do.

If you’d like to hear more of Escapists, check out their album and EP on iTunes.

You can stay up to date on Escapists on their Facebook, TwitterSoundcloud and their website.

You won’t regret giving this band a listen.