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On The Radar: Hey Bulldog

Taking inspiration from the last song The Beatles recorded together, Rob Manton started a solo project in Manchester, England and released an EP called New York City Blues in January 2007. This alone started an online buzz, gaining reviews like it being the most original thing to be heard since The Strokes Is This It? and Oasis’ Definitely Maybe. From this, the two other members with similar hopes for the future of Hey Bulldog joined in – Matt Parry, on bass and helping out with vocals, and Ben Howarth-Lees on drums.

hey bulldog

Hey Bulldog has been named one of the best new artists to look out for and they’ve made the “Unsigned Band of the Week” on BBC Radio 6. Alongside this, these are some very productive guys! After the first solo EP released by Rob Manton, the others joined in and have helped get 4 other EP’s out there, and also receiving rave reviews.


Their most recent EP, “Numb,” has brought them enough exposure that we’re hearing about them over here in North America.


So what’s their sound like? It’s been described as a mix between The Black Keys and Jimi Hendrix. While their EP’s usually start off with a psychedelic grungy song, especially on the “Numb” EP, I would describe their sound as exactly what we need in this industry. There’s a mix of solid lyrics, wicked guitar riffs and some killer drums, but Manton’s vocals have the potential to take the band into so many different genres as well. While the garage rock vibe they went for with “Numb” might be best suited for the band, there is definitely some unexplored areas that this band could be taken to.

Not only are their EP’s above average, but their live show is apparently on that level as well. What more could you ask for; you’ve got a band that’s musically talented, putting out EP’s twice a year, and put on an awesome live show… let’s get these boys signed and touring America already.

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On that note, Hey Bulldog is our December On The Radar, and we have some high hopes for them.


And let’s not forget that Hey Bulldog released a new single this week, “Makin Friends Not Millionaires.”

If you want to stay up to date on Hey Bulldog, you can follow them on Twitter, like them on Facebook or check out their website for merch and music.