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On The Radar: SKATERS

We’ve got a new one coming for you here. Straight out of New York City is SKATERS, this four-man band is composed of lead singer Michael Ian Cummings, guitarist Josh Hubbard, drummer Noah Rubin and bassist Dan Burke.


SKATERS unofficially started in the summer of 2011, when Cummings met English guitarist Josh Hubbard in a bar in Los Angeles. A few months later, Hubbard ended up in New York City with Cummings to get down to business. After finding Burke and Rubin, they started booking shows and learning songs. Later that year, they were signed on to Warner Bros. Records.

Featuring New York based songs; the band claims they were easy to write due to the fact that they were all bartenders. They had seen a lot of stuff in a short amount of time, and put these stories into their writing.

SKATERS released an EP Schemers in early 2012 which was made available for a free download on their website. The band reached over 10 000 downloads, which first showcased the bands’ true talent.

Skaters - Schemers EP cover

In March 2013, SKATERS played SXSW in Austin, Texas. Later the same year, they released their first 7-inch single featuring the songs I Wanna Dance (But Don’t Know How) and Armed.

This past April, SKATERS released their debut album Manhattan, which was recorded in Electric Lady in New York. Manhattan is an 11 track masterpiece featuring garage rock and post punk genres that could electrify the current music scene. The combination of rock with impressive writing, it’s no wonder this album was a success.

skaters manhattan

SKATERS is currently on the last leg of their tour with the Orwells, featuring one last show in New Jersey on October 17th – tickets are available here if you haven’t gotten yours yet.

To stay up to date with SKATERS, check out their twitter, FaceBook, or website. Purchase SKATERS debut album here.
p.s. – they have some seriously cool merch on their website.

skaters merch