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Pond Announce New Album, Release New Single “Elvis’ Flaming Star”

Ex-Tame Impala bassist, Nick Allbrook’s Perth psych band Pond have announced they will be releasing a new album, Man it Feels Like Space Again.
Along with the album announcement, they also shared a video for lead single Elvis’ Flaming Star.

 Their official facebook had us rolling with laughter…

“Look mum we made another video clip!”
“Oh, that’s lovely dear, its very…creative” Mum pats little darling POND on the head, who grins and runs outside to while away the afternoon pretending to be a truck. Mum puts the phone back to her ear and sighs deeply, “… is 26 too old for a boy to play these games?”

Well shit in my hat and call it lightly braised cuttlefish with lavender crème fraîche, they let us make another album. We celebrate this historic occasion with our video for the song entitled ‘Elvis’ Flaming Star’, which will be on Man, It Feels Like Space Again. It is a piece of generation defining audio-visual art that will change our cultural landscape forever. We here in this van are all well excited about it, so please have as much fun watching it as we did making it and if you don’t, go get your friends, dress up in silly clothes and attack each other with silly string and water balloons.
Best Wishes, Pond.


Man if Feels Like Space Again is out January 27, 2015 via Caroline Records.
You can pre-order it here:

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