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Post-Manchester: Where to Go From Here, Concert-Wise, and How to Help

Monday’s tragedy is harrowing. Many families, friends, and loved ones in Manchester are affected by this barbaric and senseless act of hatred. Tragedies like this are disturbing because it happened outside of the venue, whereas most (if not all) of venue security is inside.
It’s difficult to say where to go from here because we can easily say there needs to be more logistics as far as security… That depends on the venue itself, audience size, and on the artist performing. It also raises the question of how does that happen when you’re walking through metal detectors while being bag checked and patted down and then trying to enter the venue for a show. Nonetheless, the fact of the matter is there does seem to be a greater need for reallocating and addressing those areas of security. More evaluation for comprehensive security plans not only prior but post events as well.

Yet through all of the tragedy, we should continue to persevere and most of all continue to support the wonderful city and people of Manchester. Continue to unite and band together. Continue to go to concerts and fall in love with the excitement of hearing your favorite songs live. The feeling of moledro is subtracted by a thousand because you’re in the proximity of your favorite artist… That is a feeling that everyone should experience at least once because music is powerful and the strength in music is palpable. A perfect example is the people of Manchester singing a spontaneous rendition of Oasis’ Don’t Look Back in Anger after a minute of silence in St Ann’s Square, watch below.



Our hearts go out to the victims, survivors, families, and to the people of Manchester.

** If you’re looking for ways to help Manchester, here are a few…**
• Donate to relief funds like Muslims for ManchesterJust Giving, and Tom Hardy’s Manchester Emergency Fund.
• Sharing, retweeting, and boosting the hashtag #Manchester and #RoomsForManchester. Locals in Manchester are offering assistance to victims of the attack, including temporary shelter, free taxi services, and emotional support for survivors.

If you’re in the Manchester area or in the UK and are wanting to help, here are some ways you can help..

• Help Locate Missing People. Manchester Evening News published an article that lists information about missing people, which will continue to be updated as more information is acquired. Local authorities ask that those who are in need of or have information about a missing person call 0161-856-9400 or 0161-856-9900. *Please only call regarding information about specific individuals who are unaccounted for and be wary to only share information about a missing person that has been verified by a trusted source.*
• The current donation needs for hospitals in the Manchester area have been met. That may change over the next few days so follow the Give Blood NHS Twitter account for live updates. If a request for more donors is made, contact the Manchester Norfolk House Blood Donor Centre and the Manchester Plymouth Grove Blood Donor Centre.

Seeing not only the strength of the people of Manchester but the unity has been completely inspiring and uplifting. That is the power of the people and we stand with them.

Stay strong

Beautiful collage made by Instagram user @olivia_pilling_art

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