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Private Island Release New Single “Drugs”

The six-piece band from Southern California, Private Island, is compromised of Christian Lum, Tommy Nickerson, Cameron Anderson, Michelle Guerrero, Tim Barbour and Roger Mawer. They have just released their highly anticipated single, Drugs. The track will be featured on their forthcoming EP Sunbreak and is available to stream through Spotify, Apple Music, and Sound Cloud.

The song kicks off with catchy drums and anthem-like guitar that blends cohesively with the mysterious lyrics and synths. The transcendent vocals even have the ability to serenade you and wrap you with their rhythmic vibes. The indie rockers reveal their mastered skills in Drugs, and the song demonstrates a polished, dynamic sound that is sure to reel you in.

You can get to know Private Island more by giving them a like or follow on Twitter, Facebook, and Sound Cloud. Give Private Island’s new single Drugs a listen below, and make sure to keep an eye out for the release of their latest EP, Sunbreak.