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We Play it on Repeat: Parquet Courts

While it is no secret that I love my alt/indie music but punk rock is my guilty pleasure. I was teethed on bands such as The Clash, The Sex Pistols and Ramones. To this day, if asked, I will tell you that Joey Ramone is the person who taught me to love music. My husband is also a big punk rock fan and I often find myself at concerts with him, in the middle of the floor, being crushed by people pogo dancing and slamming into each other. Beer drenching my clothes as cups full of it fly through the air (I learned long ago to wear grungy clothes to these shows). Being at one of these concerts is much like me riding a roller-coaster, during it I am screaming GET ME OUT OF HERE, but the second it is over I am screaming I WANT MORE..

So where is this story going you ask?? Well to the Parquet Courts of course. The New York Punks have released You’ve Got Me Wonderin Now, the first single off their upcoming EP, Tally All The Things You Broke. Reminiscent of the Ramones, this song evokes everything that is great about Punk Rock. The EP which is set to release October 8 2013, will easily find its place in my record collection, and I hope to get the chance to find myself, drenched in beer, standing in front of them, screaming GET ME OUTTA HERE. Trust me I would never leave my spot.

You can find out more about Parquet Courts at these sites……

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