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Concert Review: Rock For Oklahoma

In May of this year, my home state of Oklahoma was once again devastated by tornadoes. Though these are a regular occurrence here in tornado alley, the town of Moore was once again completely demolished, leaving so many people homeless and in need. Kings of Leon and Flaming Lips, two home grown Oklahoma bands got together and gave a concert with the money from the ticket sales going to the red cross to help the victims. Our friend Justin was lucky enough to attend and we asked him to let us know how it was so we could tell you. The following is his account of this great concert…..

So after my friend and I finished our shots of gin in the parking garage of the Chesapeake Energy Event center, we proceeded into the arena to go enjoy The Flaming Lips and Kings of Leon. To be honest with you, I don’t know who the first two bands before them that played, but bless their souls for playing to support the victims of the tornadoes.
With great excitement my friend and I found our wonderful floor seats from which we would view this highly anticipated concert. We watched as Wayne Coyne and the stage crew prepared the stage for what we expected to be another wonderful performance by The Flaming Lips. Right before their performance began the audience was amused by the video of what seemed to be a drunken Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam giving a speech about the importance of contributing to the tornado relief effort. It was somewhat of an embarrassing video for the guy, but no harm done.
Anyhow, onto the performance of The Flaming Lips. Wayne proceeded to the stage holding a fake baby which he held closely, nurturing it thru the next three songs. It was a bit on the odd side but nothing out of the ordinary for these guys. They gave an incredible performance, just as they always do, pleasing every sense of the crowd, but I must say my number one disappointment was that the set was incredibly short. They played six songs and exited the stage. They finished the set with “Do You Realize?” which never fails to bring a tear to my eyes. Like I said, it was a beautiful but short lived performance.979740_312287852241898_358995209_n
Onto Kings of Leon. After purchasing our Coronas, my friend and I returned to our seats for Kings of Leon, the final performance of the night. They seemed more excited this time to be back in Oklahoma than the last time my friends and I saw them in concert at the BOK Center in Tulsa, OK. They were a great crowd pleaser for sure. They performed about ten songs during their set, doing songs primarily from their most recent two albums, finishing with the predictable “Sex on Fire” and “Use somebody.” I could have used some of the ear-pleasing tracks of their older albums, but overall it was a solid and appeasing performance. the one disappointing element of the their performance was the lack of an encore. What’s up with that?! They weren’t fighting a curfew time, so I don’t understand why they left so quickly.
To sum it all up I’d say they were both satisfying performances, but short lived. It was as if there was a strict time constraint on each band.

Tulsa loves hometown boy Wayne Coyne, who you can often run into at the Cains during concerts and even tho they have moved from our state we will always think of Kings of Leon as Okies!

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