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Rooney is Back, Announces New Album “Washed Away,” Listen to New Single “My Heart Beats 4 U”

Image courtesy of Rooney's Facebook.

Back in 2003, there was a little show called the O.C. that I was hooked on and one certain episode in particular struck a chord in me… Not the episode in particular but it was more because of a band’s appearance. Enter Rooney. Rooney helped mold my high school years (I realize this ages me but fuck it) they were a not-so-guilty pleasure band of mine.
Now, it’s been six years since we’ve heard anything from Rooney. They last released their album Eureka in 2010 but that didn’t slow down lead singer, and remaining member, Robert Schwartzman. He previously released solo material like 2011’s Double Capricorn and 2013’s Pleasure District EP under the handle Starsystem.

Lucky for us, Schwartzman has revived Rooney. Back in February he tweeted a link to a letter about the band’s future and I’m happy to say.. It’s good to have you back, Rooney. A self-written, self-produced album called Washed Away will drop May 6th. Even luckier for us, Schwartzman shared the album’s lead single, My Heart Beats 4 U. The track is heavy on the guitar riffs, which we love, and the beat is reminiscent of Queen’s We Will Rock You but paired with Robert’s harmonies and it’s nostalgic of classic Rooney without being stale. This track is the musical equivalence of that feeling you get when it’s a hot summer day and you’re driving around California with the windows down and music blaring. Listen below.


Rooney’s new album, Washed Away, which drops May 6th. You can preorder that and other special items at here.

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