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Rooney “My Heart Beats for U”

Rooney, how we have missed you! We haven’t heard anything from Rooney since 2010′s Eureka but we know that great work is worth the wait which is exactly what happened. Last month we were happy to report that Rooney is back with a vengeance with their new leading track, My Heart Beats for U. We all know a new track comes a new album, Washed Away drops May 6th via Beachwood Park Music, so we can expect more tracks but until then we have the official video for My Heart Beats for U.
The track is incredibly catchy, so it’s no surprise that the video has us smitten as well. Robert Schwartzman is all over the video, literally. He’s frontman/lead guitarist, drummer, bassist, producer, etc. Here’s what he told EW about the video:

Those characters include a mustached guitarist, a producer with a “weird, creepy Scarface look” complete with a low ponytail, and a bassist sporting a man-bun. “Out of all the videos I’ve ever done for Rooney, this one is really special, because I’ve never had to wear so many hats at one time,” Schwartzman says. “And I do think it speaks to how the song was made because it’s like the way I record music. I’m usually alone in a studio and I’m usually bouncing around to different instruments.”



Make sure to keep an eye out for Rooney as he heads out on tour, dates are below.

May 3: Santa Cruz, CA
May 4: San Francisco, CA
May 6: Los Angeles, CA
May 18: Boston, MA
May 19: Philadelphia, PA
May 20: Brooklyn, NY
May 21: Washington, D.C.

Washed Away drops May 6th via Beachwood Park Music.

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