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Say Hello to “Meet the Robots!”

robot2Isn’t funny how random back and forth tweets followed by conversation leads to the discovery of a new band?  That’s what happened with me and Meet the Robots, a self-described pop-punk band from Liverpool, England.

Formed in 2013, Meet the Robots is composed of brothers Si and Matt Webster, guitarist Stigo Morgan, and Scot Gartland on the drums; Si covers bass and vocals and Matt doubles guitar and matching vocals.  They even have a non-human member, R0b3rt who also rocks the drums and makes tea.  Sharing a love for “science fiction, computers, punk rock and tea,” these four guys produce a catchy sound that you might want to call “nerd punk” given their interests, but trust me, it’s anything but.  Their debut album, Heartaches and Tea Breaks” tells the “universal stories of love, friendship, robotics, and the struggles of being human.”  They list their likes and influences as Descendents, Alkaline Trio, Less than Jake, Green Day, The Offspring, Blink 182, The Ataris,  NOFX, and my personal favorite, Wyld Stallyns.

mtr1Heartaches and Tea Breaks, self-recorded and released on May 4th, 2015, is surprising in that it doesn’t sound like a first album.  The mix is good the instrumentals are spot on, and even more surprising is that the lyrics are understandable – a rarity in punk.  The songs have a playful quality, which probably accounts for the “pop-punk” label they give themselves.  Hints of Biffy Clyro come through in Giving Up and Who Int You.  Even the melancholic acoustic Mary Jane and Me still maintains a lightness you wouldn’t expect in a song about a failed relationship.  Whether the album works because Robots have been together since 2013 or because they are just that good is a question I can’t answer.  Perhaps it’s because of the 2,538 cups of tea they drank during the recording process.  I hope it was Earl Gray.

In all seriousness, good startup bands like this don’t come along all that often and it’s a shame if they don’t get the recognition they deserve.  So give them a listen and a share/follow and, most importantly,  let us and them know what you think!

Hear “Giving Up” here:

You can get “Heartaches and Tea Breaks for free here-

Contact “Meet the Robots” here:; twitter – @meettherobots

Upcoming show dates- 

Jacaranda – Liverpool – Fri 21st August

Wigan Live Festival – Sat 29th August

Zanzibar – Liverpool – Wed 7th October

Star and Garter – Manchester – Fri 19th February 2016