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Mune “Khazé”

When you read a band describe their music to contain “dark textures, floating melodies, and lush atmospheres,” you get curious. Up and coming Toronto based, dreamy alt-pop sextet Mune can not only talk the talk but also walk the walk.

We’ve had the pleasure of listening to their single Khazé that drops on May 5th, and this band definitely does not disappoint. This song in particular has a very Muse vibe to it, specifically the song Starlight but with a softer essence. The song definitely progresses from established guitar sounds, adding on the drums, followed by Stephen’s nebulous vocals that make you feel like floating through the clouds. Every variable works in perfect harmony and makes you feel like you’re living the story.

According to the band, “Khazé was written about the experience of returning to Montreal for the first time since spending a memorable weekend there with a than significant other. A lot of memories resurfaced, mostly pertaining to the relationship’s collapse. The song is written as a conversation with that memory, or rather the ghost of that memory,” and this is hauntingly apparent in the best way.

The band says, “clouds and shadows are where we feel at home,” and once you listen to their music, you will understand. Their LP Falling Through is due June 2nd and if you want to float on to an adventure to the darkest parts of the sky, you won’t want to miss this. Keep up with the latest news and releases from the band via their Facebook & Twitter. Also check out their Soundcloud if you’re interested in more music.

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