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SKATERS “Rock and Roll Bye Bye”

First and foremost, we have to say, SKATERS… We have missed you. SKATERS have always been a follow your own rules (or no rules) kind of band. After parting ways with Warner Bros Records they had an emancipation and rebirth to set things on their own terms which is what they did when they released their sophomore album, Rock And Roll Bye Bye, via the band’s very own Yonks Records. Skaters have reclaimed their independent spirit and we’re here for it.

The band is heavily associated with New York but guitarist Josh Hubbard is actually from Hull in England, which gives the track In Your Head a Brit Pop angle. Paired over wistful lyrics like “I always say tomorrow because everything’s too hard to fix right now, but you couldn’t wait that long, I missed you” this banger is bold and will definitely be a festival pleaser. It’s the type of song that deserves a sing along as well as being played loudly.


Lead guitarist Josh Hubbard spoke to Clash about their new track Criminal (which also work for the whole album). “All good things come to an end…and some bad things. You always write a song when you come out of a relationship. Our new gf is way poorer than our ex. This video is another online relationship forged. The outcome…Sick Luton-based artist, Cameron West, kills the visual accompaniment for our new tune Criminal. God bless the internet and God bless America.


Respect the Hustle is paradoxical with a seedy undertone yet has a light heartiness to it paired over lyrics like “New York, New York, New York, New York is the city of dreams. Some come from far and wide to see what that means. It’ll take your heart out just to see how you bleed. New York, New York, New York, It’s a heartbreak machine.
Just Like Your Mother is a psych-rock track with great vibes, it’s different from the songs you’d expect from Skaters but in an excellent way.
Northern Soul makes you sway like a crashing ocean wave paired over sharp guitars and breezy vocals that are mixed over by psychedelic strings and fading out hand claps at the end.

Rock and Roll Bye Bye is progressively multifaceted and completely embraces the fluidity of life’s changes, it shows the bands ongoing progression through adversity of WB. It drops March 24th.
Standout tracks: Like Your Mother, Northern Soul, In Yer Head, I’m Not a Punk, Criminal.

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