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Song Of The Day: Fairchild “High As A Kite “

FAIRCHILD recently returned from a two-year stay in Manchester, UK, where they focused on performing, touring and finishing their record. Now they are home and ready to share their newest single High As A Kite. It sails immediately into the seductive hook of its chorus. High As A Kite lures you into its looping refrains and steady pace before the words of the first verse has even begun. The single builds through a mix of jagged riffs, climbing synths and coiled melodies, into an implosive crescendo.

Speaking on the track Adam Lyons states, ‘I first wrote High As A Kite on piano and it sounded quite sweet. But by the time we were in the studio, the track had morphed into this sort of passive aggressive anthem. I could detect this vein of anger running through the whole song. There was nothing about it that made you want to pump your fist or break something. It’s the sort of anger you swallow every time you have to bite your tongue and think something instead of saying it. The anger you hold back.’

After releasing three EP’s, Fairchild is ready to unleash their debut album, So Long and Thank You, to the world on August 4th via Canvas Sounds which is their own label.

Listen to High As A Kite below:


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