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Song of the Day: L.A Salami, “The City Nowadays”

Lookman Adekunle Salami, musically known as L.A Salami, is a British singer/songwriter, who stands out by lyrically and conceptually combining his personal struggles with politically and socially conscious lyricism. The track “The City Nowadays” packs a punch to the political establishment with lyrics such as “… but when the markets dive, the poorest have to save face – they say grace ’cause only faith can pay today’s rates. I’m feeling tardy, late to the Jeremy Corbyn party…” and “The terrorists are out to get me because I approved of Noam Chomsky beating on his chest.” Also, can we talk about the Alan Watts sample at the end of the piece?

Musically, his sound is a blend of bluesy and folk, infused indie rock. He’s been described as a post-modern twist of Joni Mitchell meets Neil Young meets Bob Dylan.

He first stepped onto the scene in 2012, and his newest album, Dancing With Bad Grammar, dropped in August 2016-via Sunday Best. He’ll be performing March 16th and 17th at SXSW, so be sure to catch him there!

Listen to L.A Salami’s “The City Nowadays” below!

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