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Song Of The Day: The Last Dinosaur ” All My Faith “

The Last Dinosaur released their second album, The Nothing, on July 7th, the entire album deals with a tragic accident that happened during Jamie Cameron’s teenage years, in which a car accident he was in claimed the life of his best friend. Jamie has stated that he never intended for the album to take the path it did…

“It wasn’t an intention of mine to write an album about dying or anything like that, but I realised after I’d written a few songs that they all were about it in some way. It got to a point where I couldn’t really avoid it. I’d done the divorce album and it was all I was left with, trying to make sense of this thing that happened. Halfway through I realised it was profoundly cathartic, it made me felt less scared of dying.”

Our song of the day is the single, All My Faith, from the album. The song has heartfelt, poignant, lyrics with a dreamlike lushness of Sufjan Stevens. Listen below:



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