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I am back from Las Vegas, which always takes a couple of days to readjust back in to reality because well… It’s sin city but now that the daze has been lifted.

Song of the week may be a little biased this week considering the fact that I just saw Julian Casablancas perform with the Strokes but since it was his birthday and he also performed at FYF fest with the Voidz/Strokes in L.A. yesterday, I could not resist.

I have several lucky friends who are currently at FYF fest, sending me constant updates. My phone blew up with notifications when the Voidz performed I’ll Try Anything Once.

I’ll Try Anything Once is the demo version of the classic, and original YOLO, You Only Live Once. It features Nick Valensi on keyboard while Julian Casablancas sings. The lyrics differ from the studio version but both are favorites from all Strokes fans. Albert Hammond, Jr. has even said it was the best song Julian has ever written.

While there is no official video for the demo version, it has been featured on several shows/movies like Sofia Coppola’s Somewhere, which was also featured it in the trailer.

Make sure to check back with GATRS tomorrow, my review of the Strokes at the Cosmopolitan will be posted.

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