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Song of the Week: Oasis “Wonderwall”

When the GATRS talk about Oasis with each other, the song Wonderwall undoubtedly will come up.
Depending on where each of us scale our like/dislike of the song, we usually hear….”Ugh Wonderwall is so overplayed” or “It is not even their best songs.2014Oasis_Getty85044598_10051114

I usually find myself agreeing with the latter group. Being a massive Oasis fan, I don’t think you can overplay any of their  songs but  I do agree, even though Wonderwall is a great song, it’s hardly their best.

Released 19 years ago this week, Wonderwall is Oasis’ most popular song. Even people unfamiliar with the band (yes, we have met a few) when hearing a few lines of the song, they will admit that they’ve heard it.

The song appeared on the bands second studio album, (What’s The Story) Morning Glory. It was written by Noel and sung by Liam. Noel has said that the song, originally titled, Wishing Stone, was written about an imaginary friend who would save you from yourself. This of course, was mentioned after Noel’s divorce from Meg Matthews back in 1996. Noel said the song was written about her.

Wonderwall holds the title of Oasis’ most famous song. It has sold more than 1.26 million copies sin the U.K. alone (as of November 2012) and with the recent re-release of (Whats The Story) Morning Glory, I am sure the number will grow. It was Oasis’ first single here in the U.S. topping at number 8 on Billboard.

Like the song or not, Wonderwall is here to stay.
In 2005, it was voted best British song of all time by a Virgin Radio poll and as late as this year, it was still making it onto lists. NME ranked it number 36 in the 500 greatest songs of all time.
Finally, something NME and I can agree on.

Anyway, here’s Wonderwall..

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