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Song of the Week: Amy Winehouse “You Know I’m No Good”

Amy Winehouse was an incredible talent. She had this dynamic attitude and strength that was obvious to those who knew her and those who were lucky to see her perform. She is one of my absolute favorite singers because she was a powerhouse, she had this energy that you couldn’t turn away from.

Amy would have been thirty-one today but sadly passed away three years ago from alcohol poisoning in July however, she lives on and will continue to live on… For instance, in what better way to remember the late singer than a statue created by sculptor Scott Eaton. The statue depicts Winehouse wearing a star of David necklace and a live red rose in her signature beehive hair-do that was unveiled in the north neighborhood of Camden in honor of Amy.

Amy’s legacy continues and we should celebrate her life as well as her incredible contribution of music.. So enjoy one of my absolute favorites from her album Back to Black, here’s You Know I’m No Good.

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