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Song of the Week: Estrons’ “Make a Man”

Our song of the week this week is called Make a Man by the up and coming Estrons. They are a four piece from Cardiff, Wales compromised of Taliesyn (Vocals), Rhodri (Guitar), James (Bass), and Hugh (Drums). They’ve been featured on BBC Introducing and are even playing several shows at SXSW 2016, which we will definitely be attending whilst down in Austin.

Make a Man begins slowly with a few strums of guitar and then slams into action with its raging riffs. It portrays a message that fits along cohesively with the melody, and features chilling screams from Tali that absolutely complete the song. This is one that is sure to make you pleased if you enjoy an exhilarating, indulgent tune.

The well-composed, intoxicating chorus is only one of the reasons Make a Man is our song of the week. Follow up with Estrons through Facebook, Twitter, and Sound Cloud, and don’t forget to check out our song of the week Make a Man below.