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Soundcheck: Week of August 12th

The Midlands are busting out a lot of music recently, with the rise of all the bands from Birmingham. Now it’s Leamington Spa’s turn with the band Cowboys and their dreamy indie pop infused song Beech.

Speaking of Birmingham, here is yet another band from there. This time it is Broken Witt Rebels with a song filled with mad guitar riffs, killer bass lines and lead singer Danny Core’s unique voice. Listen to Call Out The Sun with your windows down and it turned all the way up.

Oh Sheffield, you know you won my heart. It’s the birthplace of Arctic Monkeys but a lot of bands emerge from this area. Wicca calls their music northern guitar pop, which is easy to understand with the trippy guitar riffs, but it was the bass line intro that made me sit up and take notice. A bit of the Madchester sound wouldn’t you agree?

Since I am on the subject of Sheffied I became familiar with Dead Sons due to guitarist Tom Rowley touring with Arctic Monkeys this year. Gasoline is a stand alone track released in July. They released their debut album, The Hollers and the Hymns earlier this year but fear not, word has it that they are already writing for the second. Like your music to be guitar driven? Then Dead Sons is for you.

And since we have mentioned Arctic Monkeys and Sheffield, several times, the boys released a new video. The second from their highly anticipated album AM, due out next month.
I love the song and I appreciated the video but I think I am ready for them to go back to their partnership with Focus Creeps. No tea, no shade but seriously… Focus Creeps go back and work with Arctic Monkeys again.

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