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Soundcheck: Week of August 5th

I had to cut out someone this week so I could get up the new video that MGMT released this morning. Its great to wake up to new music by one of your favorite bands, Here is Your Life is a Lie, from the upcoming album MGMT.

These London lads did it all, they produced, recorded and released their new song Action Reaction. Still a bit rough around the edges, this distinctively British sounding band is off to a good start, sounding a bit like what I imagined Oasis might have sounded before fame found them. Expect a video from Decoy Jet in the near future.

Tripwires have been all over the internet recently, with their new single Shimmer. Their debut album Spacehopper was released June 17th.

Another band making their rounds on the internet is London’s Crushed Beaks. Their EP Tropes will be released on ASL Records September 16th. Here is Feeder, the first single from the EP.

London’s Moonies released a four track EP, Better Than Ice Cream,last month. Not your typical Indie pop band, these guys have a bit more aggressive side to their music. Listen and download Roll a Penny.

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