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Soundcheck: Week of Sept 16th

My love for Sheffield continues with the SSS, who released a new song a few weeks back on their Sound cloud entitled I Pronounce You, it caught my attention with its heartbreaking moody melody, but don’t let this one song fool you, they have some power behind their previous songs. Remember them, I have a feeling they will be the next and to make Sheffield proud…

The Bedroom Hour are one of those bands you just cant help like, especially after having a bit of chat with them. I asked them what I could do for them and they asked me to share their music, or any music I liked for that matter. So that is what I am doing, but it is deserving as their music is great. It is easy, soulful, honest and dreamy, perhaps giving reason behind the bands name…

OH MAN….THIS GUY…THIS MUSIC…. Paul Orwell, a young lad from London is so connected to the past I thought I was listening to a dusty vinyl I had nicked from my mum. With just two songs up on Soundcloud he has me clamoring for much bout hooking this poor girl up Mr Orwell!!! He is going to bring the Mod’s to their knees at this rate…

I have been listening to these guys for a bit now. Their song Euphoria caught my eye with its beautiful piano intro, and made me sit up and listen with its crashing guitar riffs. They just released a new song on their SoundCloud, Tangerine, it once again has caught my attention, proving that they are only getting better and better…Someone tell me where to purchase this stuff…..

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