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Stick it in Your Ear

On a recent trip home from a concert, I found myself with a few hours to kill in Springfield Missouri. For me, killing a few hours in a town I have never been to, means one thing….VINYL SHOPPING.

Being in a small town on a Sunday limited my choices, but with the help of Google I was able to find Stick It In Your Ear, a small record shop located in what seemed to be the “hipster” part of town.39588_157435934291594_6791700_n


The shop was fairly small and the first thing I noticed was the strong smell of incense. It reminded me of my bedroom as a teenager right before my parents were expected home from work in the late afternoons. This, and the fact that the two guys behind the counter were playing the air guitar and drums like they were on the stage at Madison Square Garden and hitting some really high notes where they shouldn’t be on a blaring Beatles album, my guess is they’d had a lot of fun before the shop opened its doors.


My husband, as always headed straight in on some crates on the floor. stickitinyourear2 These, we were told were ” Needing some love” Older records that were not in top shape and hadn’t really been checked or organized. Never discredit the need love section of any vinyl store, we have found some fantastic buys in them and most of the time the albums are still in good shape. I made my way to the very small Punk section, always on the look out for a Dead Boys album. When I asked if the small section of Punk was all they had, I was politely told that there wasn’t much call for Punk music in Missouri. I did however find several good Cramps albums and I was able to score a perfect copy of Joy Division’s Closer and The Queen Is Dead by The Smiths.

While the main emphasis in the store seemed to be used Classic Rock and Metal, they did have a small section of newer vinyl, and I was told they could order or find me almost anything.

I enjoyed my few hours in Stick It In Your Ear, it was a great way to stretch my legs after a long drive, and I did score two really good albums I had been looking for, but to be honest, the main draw for me was walking thru the shop looking at all the posters that lined the wall stickitinyourearand of course the free concert I was receiving from Bill and Ted behind the counter!!

If you ever find yourself stuck in Springfield, have a look around, the guys were friendly and helpful and a lot of fun, and who knows, they may be sitting on that White Whale album you have been searching for!



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