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SXSW 2016: Ezra Furman and the Boy-Friends

Who: Ezra Furman and the Boy-Friends
Where: Do512 Official Showcase at Elysium

When: March, 17, 2016

The showcase at Elysium was one of the top showcases on our list, and it was all because of Ezra Furman. The Chicago native signed to Bella Union records in 2014 and had already been generating buzz inside the music scene before that, having already released several records with other bands. The crowd that welcomed him to the stage grew quite considerably up to the minute he stepped into the spotlight. For someone with so much onstage energy and presence, he remained quietly appreciative of every clap and shout of encouragement, even appearing shy at times.

IMG_6809 (1) IMG_0930 (1)

It only took one song before the whole audience was dancing and moving along to the music, a very lively crowd for a midnight showcase. A particularly enthusiastic cluster of fans resided near the front and center of the stage, and they made sure to sing and dance all the way through to the end of the set. Ezra himself seemed right at home onstage, and soaked up every minute of applause looking fabulous in pearls. The dancing and merriment carried on through the end of the set, and the electricity emanated from the audience members even after the band had left the stage, some fans even chanting for an encore. (An impossible feat considering the time crunch, but the band seemed appreciative of the effort.)