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SXSW 2016 GATRS’ Artist Choice: Week Four

The weeks seem to be going by faster and faster until our favorite week of music starts and we can’t wait. Check out our weekly choices of handpicked artists below.

Teri’s Must-See Artist of the Week: Telegram

Telegram are a psychedelic band based in London made up of Matt Saunders (guitar/vocals), Oli Paget Moon (bass/vocals), Pip (guitar), and Jordan Cook (drums). Every song the upcoming band have released so far has been pure perfection. One of my favorites is their latest with Taffy Come Home. It’s a raw, emotionally rich, and endlessly playable track that I love. Listen to it below and keep up with them on Facebook, Sound Cloud, and on their website.

Naomi’s Must-See Artist of the Week: Honduras

The Brooklyn based post-punk band Honduras are made up of Pat Phillips, Tyson Moore, Josh Wehle, and Paul Lizarraga. The band is working on a new EP entitled Gathering Rust and have just shared the single Hollywood off of it. This garage rock style track is four minutes and thirteen seconds of brilliantly played guitar and perfect sounding scuzzy vocals. Listen to the track below off of their forthcoming EP that’s set to release March 4th. Follow up with them on Facebook, Sound Cloud, and on their website.

Krystal’s Must-See Artist of the Week: The Dandy Warhols

The Dandy Warhols are an American garage rock band from Portland who formed in 1994. Consisting of Courtney Taylor-Taylor, Peter Holmstrom, Zia McCabe, and Brent DeBoer these rockers are currently working on their eleventh studio album entitled Distortland, which will be released April 8th, 2016. Luckily, they’ve just revealed a single off of the forthcoming album entitled You Are Killing Me and it’s a tune. The masterful rock song only leads me to believe this next album will be a complete banger. Take a listen to the track below and stay in the know with them on Facebook, their official website, and Twitter.


Megan’s Must-See Artist of the Week: Oscar

The London-based artist, Oscar Scheller has recently become one of my favorites whilst randomly stumbling across his music via Twitter. He is currently working on his highly anticipated debut album that I, along with many others, can’t wait any longer for. The bedroom-pop artist has released a new music video for Sometimes off of upcoming debut album Cut & Paste. Watch the clever and humorous video below. Keep up with Oscar on Facebook, Twitter, and Sound Cloud. Preorder Cut & Paste here.

Molly’s Must-See Artist of the Week: Blaenavon

Blaenavon are a youthful indie rock trio from Liphook, England made up of Benjamin Gregory, Frank Wright, and Harris McMillan. The upcoming band is currently working on their debut album and making a name for themselves by touring relentlessly across the UK. They have been one of our favorite bands for a long while now and seeing their name on the SXSW lineup has certainly done more than just thrill us. Lost in Paris is off of their 2013 debut Koso EP and is one of my ultimate favorites because of the meaningful lyrics and perfect crescendos. Listen to the track below and follow them through their journey on Facebook, Sound Cloud, and Twitter.

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