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SXSW 2016 GATRS’ Artist Choice: Week Two

With SXSW on its way, we have selected our second set of weekly artists. This week’s choices are mainly rock acts that we can’t stop listening to.

Teri’s Must-See Artist of the Week: MONEY

MONEY are an alternative band from Manchester made up of Jamie Lee, Charlie Cocksedge, Billy Byron, and Scott Beaman. From starting out as a band in 2011, they’ve grown immensely since then and have just released their sophomore album called Suicide Songs. The band is hardworking and dedicated and this album really showcases that. One of my favorite tracks from it is called I’ll Be The Night. Overall, the song has an effortless sound to it that I really enjoy and the background music is truly beautiful. Keep up with MONEY on Facebook, Twitter, and on their Website. Watch the music video for I’ll Be The Night below.

Naomi’s Must-See Artist of the Week: Alex G

Alex Giannascoli is a Philadelphian singer-songwriter showing the world his love and passion for music. With his seventh LP called Beach Music, Alex created this album a little differently than the six before it. He went to a studio and had it mastered by professionals, he mostly self releases his albums, and with taking this new step I believe it had a very positive outcome. People say this is the most beautiful work that he has released to date. Bug is one of the most popular tracks due to its raw, striking vocals and classic guitar playing in the background. Follow up with Alex on Twitter and give him a like on Facebook. Listen to Bug below.

Krystal’s Must-See Artist of the Week: Yuck

Made up of Max Bloom (guitar/vocals), Mariko Doi (bass/vocals), Jonny Rogoff (drums/vocals), and Edward Hayes (guitar), Yuck are one of the most entertaining rock bands out there. They first became a band in 2009 and have been killing it since then. They are set to release junior album Stranger Things on February 26th, 2016. Hold Me Closer is the first track off of the album and is already able for purchase. This track can be described as in your face garage rock with fuzzy, catchy vocals. This song gets me extremely excited to hear the other tracks that will be on the band’s upcoming album. Stay in the know with them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Listen to Hold Me Closer below.

Megan’s Must-See Artist of the Week: YAK

YAK are a scuzzy punk trio from London made up of Oliver Burslem, Andy Jones, and Elliot Rawson. The upcoming band has just announced the release of their debut album called Alas Salvation and will be released on May 13th. They have been one of my favorites for a while now because of their noisy and raging tunes. They just released a song off of their forthcoming album called Victorious (National Anthem) and if I do say so myself, it is definitely an anthem that will have you headbanging along to at first listen. Keep up with YAK on Twitter, Facebook, and Sound Cloud. Watch and listen to the official music video for Victorious (National Anthem) below.

Molly’s Must-See Artist of the Week: VANT

The hardcore rock band, VANT, from the UK are made up of Mattie Vant (lead vocals/guitar), Billy Morris (bass), Henry Eastham (guitar), and David ‘Greenie’ Green (drums). The band formed in London and have a lot of lyrics based on political issues around the globe. They refer to their location as ‘planet earth’ and that can be seen from lyrics in their song called Birth Certificate. One of my favorite tracks from the band is entitled Parking Lot. This song is genius with intoxicating, raw guitar and bold, striking bass and drums. Mattie’s vocals certainly follow through with soaring notes that sound outstanding. Follow up with VANT on Twitter, Facebook, and Sound Cloud. Listen and watch the music video for Parking Lot below.

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