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SXSW Band of the Week: Blaenavon – the Interview

Tell us who you are.

Frank: Blaenavon, Frank.

And you play?

Frank: Bass.

Harris: Harris, and I play drums.

Ben: Ben, and I play guitar and sing.

Frank: Ben’s lost his voice actually.

PRS brought you over here?

Frank: Yes.

How did you get involved with them?

 Frank: We, I dunno, Transgressive hooked us up with them and we know one of the people and they kinda helped us to get the funds to come over here to Southey, so yeah the PRS Foundation helped us get here. If it weren’t for them we would have been coming.

You are signed to Transgressive?

Frank: We are with Transgressive and we are releasing with them at the end of the summer. We are still working on the record now.

It is your debut album correct?

Frank: It is our first album, yeah.

You have already released an EP, right?

Frank: We have two EP’s. They have been really spread out, we really haven’t released a whole lot of music.

Who does the writing?

Frank: This guy here, the guy without the voice.

How are you enjoying Austin?

Frank: Very much.

What is your favorite part of SXSW?

Frank: Well, I haven’t really seen a lot of it but the area we were in yesterday around the University was cool.

Harris: Yeah. We were on campus, it was cool.

Frank: Guadalupe Street. Right near there.

Harris: Yeah. It was really nice.

Frank: Really cool vibes.

Is Austin the only place you have been? Did you fly into Austin?

Frank: This is the only place we are going in the US, yeah. We are just doing South by and then heading back.

Are there plans for you to come back in the future?

Frank: No plans yet, but we want to. If things go well at South by, hopefully someone will bring us back over.

What are your expectations of South by?

Frank: We knew it was going to be huge. Everyone always talks about it back in England. Like the week it is happening, no one is really around to talk to you because they are all busy with South by stuff. It’s a big deal.

So it is a big deal over there? I wasn’t sure.

 Frank: Yeah. It really is. It’s definitely something everyone wants to do. Mainly because you get to go to the states.

Harris: It’s seen as the first step for bands that want to do something in America.

Is it a big thing for English bands to break in America?

Harris: It has a reputation for that (SXSW), so that is what everyone wants to do when they come over here. So hopefully you get lucky and the right people come to your shows.

Frank: Yeah, it is a big thing if a British band breaks in America, it doesn’t really happen very often.

Did you come over here looking for a bigger label?

Frank: We came over here looking for a US label. Mainly we want to go on holiday here in the future. If we have a show to play, then we play the show, but it’s just nice to hang out also.

The US is a big place.

Frank: Everything here is bigger. The streets are wider, the buildings are bigger.

Have you gotten to eat any Tex-Mex food yet?

Frank: I did on my first day. The person I am staying with took me out to dinner on the first night before everyone got here.

What did you think of it?

Frank: It was nice. It was on South Congress.

What did you eat?

Frank: I had a fajita. Chicken fajita. It was really nice. I had to make sure I didn’t fill up on the nachos they give you before hand. I am not used to that kind of thing.

How many shows are you playing here at SXSW?

Frank: Six. This is our second. Doing six in total. We have another one tonight as well.

Anything you want to tell our readers about yourselves?

Frank: Mention the album I guess. Been recording it the last few months.

Harris: Still working on it, but it’s going to be out the end of summer. We have been making it with a guy named Jim Abyss. Great dude. Worked with very popular English bands such as Arctic Monkeys and Kasabian.

Do you have a title for it yet?

Frank: We think we have one yes.

Any singles going to be released in the near future?

Frank: We are sure there is going to be some singles, soon I think…

Harris: We get to work on that stuff when we get back from South by. Get our game plan.

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