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SXSW Band Of The Week: Chain Of Flowers; The Interview

We think this is your first time in the US, and especially Austin, did you come here with any expectations about SXSW?

It is actually our second time in America, but our first time in Texas and at SXSW. Our last tour here was great, but we only did the East Coast and the West Coast respectively , we did not cross the middle. Southby we were told, that it was going to be incredibly hectic, and it has been in many ways, but both shows we’ve played so far have been absolutely incredible . We didn’t expect as many people to turn out as did, so we are pretty happy with it so far.

Austin has a reputation of being a bit weird, so tell us the weirdest thing you have seen so far ..

Yeah we are from a tiny little city as well, so we are pretty accustomed to the freaks. It is what we are and what we so anyway, so I don’t know…I quite feel rather comfortable here for that reason.

As we watched you perform, we noticed a lot of moves that reminded us of Morrissey, have you watched a lot of his videos to get that feeling down?

Yeah? Thank you. I mean, I have seen some, very few Morrissey videos in my time. I wouldn’t say I kind of stand in front of the mirror and try to emulate that in any way. I think when I play, what ever comes out of me, just comes out of me. All of us grew up on a wealth of music on that level, coming from Aunties, Uncles, Mom and Dads. That sort of stuff, obviously being British, they are such a big part of where your from, a big part of your makeup in the long run. Never would I say, its flattering, don’t get me wrong, but neither would I say its like a conscience thing. Manchester, South Wales, on a lot of different levels they are not so different.

Tell our readers why they should be listening to Chain Of Flowers…

Because we are authentic. Yeah. Well. I never really thought of why they should be listening to us to be honest, except for everyone to be taking what they want from it. I mean we are a pretty emotional outpouring band and I don’t just mean that on a kind of lyrical level, but in all aspects, like we throw everything we’ve got into the sound and it emulates where we are from, I think. I like finding energy and like some means to shut off, so your just like…melodic outpouring I guess.

If you were stranded on a island and had only five albums with you, what would they be?

That’s a tough one. It would probably be Scott Walker, Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds. See you put me on the spot here. Probably take the Best Of Madness. We need a way out so when we inevitably die, what is the record we would put on? The bow out album. One Step Beyond. Yeah. Yeah. We’d put Madness on.

What is coming up for the band after SXSW? 

We have a UK tour when we get home, we are going out for about a week and a half. We have a single that is going to be coming our in the coming weeks. We will be releasing more information about that. A festival in Berlin, a festival in Belgrade. We are just trying to stay as busy as we can be. There is a lot to come. A lot that we don’t know what at this point, but we will see how this UK tour and this single goes and they the rest is all just going to fall in place.

When you came to SXSW, were you hoping to get signed by an US label or did you just come to be coming?

We got invited to so so and when we came off our US tour, the day we got home, is the day we were confirmed for Southby. We were in the first ten bands or something like that, which is fantastic, with the hundreds that are accepted . We didn’t come out with any real aim other that to put our music down the throats of as many people as we possibly could. I didn’t think we would be coming back that soon, you know? I thought it would be a long while before we cane back. It was just a case of putting our music on to more people and what ever happens on the back of that will be fantastic.

Many bands we speak to while here tell us they want to be signed by a US label. Why is this so important?

I mean our LP hasn’t even been officially released over here, it is just being distributed by our UK label. We already exist  on the basis of where we are able, I mean, to a great expensive to ourselves of course, where we are able to record and have a label who is very supportive. There is a label back in the UK that will press vinyl then get that out for us, so I mean we have already something in place that enables us to do this alone, which is fantastic. We can continue doing this, you know what I mean? And if anything else was to fall into place, fantastic, but we are lucky enough to already be in a situation, and even on a lower key level, it is just to be able to do what we want to do and everything is just going from there.

What is the one thing you need to being with you every time you tour?

Socks. It wouldn’t be a case of being without but I just got them today, but I got a nice pair of earplugs that I can wear when I go to bed so I don’t have to listen to anyone snore.

Oh, I listen to my iPod for that reason.

Well I do that, but I so often find that when I wake up like at silly o’clock in the morning it is choking me around the throat . It kind of turns me on, but then it is kind of really worrisome as well. I think they will come in handy in the long run. They are a new addition but I can’t see us going without them in the future.

Do you have any parting words for out readers?

Stay beautiful

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