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SXSW Band of the Week: Fews Live at Latitude 30 in Austin, TX

FEWS, the band that is part Swedish and part American, is just one of those bands you have to see live. All of the YouTube watching and listening that you could possibly do will never live up to the full experience of seeing them on stage.IMG_0905

We had heard of FEWS, but we had never heard any of their music before, nor had we ever seen them live. That is a scary feeling, walking into a venue and not knowing the band. It can also be the greatest feeling in the world. No preconceived notions or expectations at what you are going to get. What did we get? The most surreal, mind-blowing rock and roll show we have seen in some time. So much so, all the bands that played afterwards, seemed, dare I say… boring?

FEWS surprised us by commanding the small SXSW stage like they were veterans at performing. This was actually the first time they had performed in the US (what a great thing to say that you were there from the beginning). Their guitar playing was finely calibrated and there were plenty of thunderous drum beats. The lyrics practically purred in comparison to the loud and rowdy music, though they did give several loud screams and shouts during the set. The movement during the performance sometimes felt dizzying while you tried to keep up with them as they moved from one part of the stage to the next, all the while not losing any beats on their instruments. It was pure free form, post-punk rock and roll at its finest. Unlike any other show that Krystal and I have attended together, the band left us ignoring each other, as we could not take our eyes off of them and their presence.

Sadly, because we were at SXSW, the set was short, but we were able to hear their single The Zoo. The song left us intoxicated with its hypnotic guitar riffs that start at the beginning and plays throughout before finally fading at the end (it was the best guitar intro I’ve ever heard).

FEWS ended the show with track entitled ILL, and probably some of the best guitar playing performances I have seen live, leaving The British Embassy and us in shambles after exiting the stage.

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