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SXSW Band of the Week: FEWS, The Interview

After FEWS played their first US show (March 17th, Latitude 30 Austin Texas) we pulled Frederick into our alley office and had a bit of a chat with him about Myspace, Robbing Banks and their music.

How did you get your start?

Myspace. A long time ago.

Yeah. Saying Myspace just dates it..

Myspace, like the shitty… it was amazing back in those days. He (David) put up some songs, his own songs and I was really into it. I said ‘Can I join your band?’ and he was like ‘No. Sorry.’

So eventually I ended up in Stockholm, because my dad is Swedish, and I said ‘Oh I am in Sweden. I am in your country right now, can we do something?’ and he was like ‘alright, yeah.’ That is the crazy guy, he looks like Krusty from The Simpsons, the clown guy. So yeah eventually I showed him some of my songs and he was really into it.

So basically you stalked him until he said okay?

Kinda. Yeah I stalked David.

So how did the others join in?

David knew Rusty from his childhood and he joined the band. Our original bass player, he quit the band when the album was done, like on the same day, when he was flying back home. We recorded it in London. Our producer introduced us to Jay.

We heard you weren’t really planning on coming to SXSW?

We were planning on it, because we got confirmed a while ago, but we really were not sure about it. It was really last-minute in a way because of an ESTA thing (Visa application).

So what are your expectations of SXSW?

I dunno. We don’t know. Eating tacos, drinking. Yeah. That is basically what we have done. Eat tacos, eat pizza and drinking Lone Star (a Texas beer). We got like free drinks. There is shit loads of free stuff at the festival. There is like a twitter account that knows all this (@SXSWFreeNoms). We wanted free drinks and we saw a place on twitter so we said ‘Oh shit let’s go there’. It was this really shady gay bar that we ended up in and it was amazing. I don’t know why I am telling you this, but I would recommend it.

Does FEWS have an album out yet?


Are you working on one?

It’s done. I can’t tell you when it is going to be released, but it is done and we are just waiting. It is out of our control right now, we have done our part. The people, they should do something with it. I hope so. Brid probably knows more than I do, ask her. (Means will be released May 20th)

What has been your favorite thing about SXSW, besides the tacos and drinking?

The people, so friendly, it is insane.

Well you are in Texas, and in the South..

But we really didn’t expect that cause it was our first time here. It’s not like Europe at all. Well I am from the states, but still it is still so fucking friendly, especially compared to New York City. It’s insane.

What type of music are you currently into?

I am really into German techno house. It sounds weird but I am really in to it. Do you know the band Noid? It is a German band, but it is not techno. It is really like… I can’t explain it, but it is really good. The worst answer ever to your question.

Why is it that bands feel it is important to break into the US music scene?

It’s a really big market. The US knows music. Shit loads. It sounds weird, I agree, but it is big. Yeah, I always want to play here because… but it is hard for the other guys (band members), because I can just come into the country and they can’t.

**About this time three horse mounted police came by**

The dogs are huge in this country.

Yeah. You can ride them.

How is that… if I rob a bank and they are around the corner, how can they catch me? Cause I can just run?

I think they may have microphones, walkie talkies, or something to call someone?

Probably yeah. You should see the Swedish officers. They are so fucking fit it is insane. Don’t rob a bank in Sweden.

Coke or Pepsi?

I love these questions. I am going to say Coke.

Diet or Regular?


Vodka or Beer?

Definitely Vodka. Vodka is the best thing, especially with this band, because every one loves Vodka.

Joy Division or New Order?

Joy Division definitely. Joy Division. No offense to New Order but…

Favorite Joy Division song?

No Love Lost. The intro is… I dunno, I have tried to steal that intro several times but I can’t really sucked at it having the same feeling.

I know everyone loves Unknown Pleasures, but my favorite Joy Division album is Closer.

Yeah. That is probably the album with the most… not like the most feelings, but it is really emotional.

How would you describe FEWS music?

Probably intense. Kind of sex like. It gets more intense the further you go with it, at least that is what I feel.

Are you always that… wild on stage?

Yeah. I am really sorry. I think. Yeah.

No don’t be, we loved it. It is like you just let go.

Yeah, especially because it was our first show in the US, so we felt we had nothing to lose. We just kinda gave it our all. How many bands are playing here? 2000? The worse feeling is to be one of those bands that no one really remembers after the show is over.

Trust us when we say if you ever get to see FEWS live on stage that you will never forget it.

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