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SXSW Band of the Week: Fizzy Blood at Latitude 30

Who: Fizzy Blood

Where: The British Music Embassy at Latitude 30
Austin, Texas

When: March 19th, 2016


The British Music Embassy was undoubtedly one of our favorites at this year’s SXSW, and Fizzy Blood was one of many fantastic shows we saw there throughout the week.IMG_6251 (1)  Having never seen them live, we went into the show not quite knowing what to expect. Needless to say, we knew what we were in for as soon as the first song burst into our ears and rattled into our brains rather violently. This continued through Fizzy Blood’s entire set, and afterwards we were left stunned and completely euphoric with our jaws dropped onto the ground in front of us.

To say that this band has energy is the understatement of the century; their live performance is like getting punched in the face repeatedly and wanting more of it with each song that passes. IMG_3262 (1)The set came to a blistering end with Paul doing a walk across the bar with his guitar before returning to the stage. After having our faces melted off with blistering riffs and positively jarring stage presence, we walked out of Latitude 30 stunned and grateful for the opportunity to witness Fizzy Blood in such an intimate setting.